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Legal English Test

X-BRIDGE предлагает вам тест юридического английского, который поможет вам определить ваш уровень владения юридической лексикой на уровнях от Intermediate до Advanced. Более точно мы определим ваш уровень на бесплатном собеседовании.

Legal English Test
1. I work as a
2. Both
have to
the contract.
3. If your business partner has
a contract you can
a lawsuit.
4. In this case there are a number of
that can be used to protect or compensate the injured party.
5. The ownership of a company is cialis pas cher determined by
6. All employees are
paid sick and educational
7. Unfortunately, this contract is not
and is therefore
8. This provision
the law in this jurisdiction.
9. We will need legal advice to help us
this dispute.
10. One of the basic human rights is a right
freedom of expression.
11. A mortgage can be
by real
12. If you use a registered trademark without
you may be
13. Thorough due
should be conducted before any purchase of real estate.
14. If you were forced to resign from a job you can bring an action for
15. There are more and more lawsuits for clinical
now as people realize their rights to claim
16. A claim in
is usually aimed at getting compensated for damage or loss.
17. This lease agreement allows us as
to transfer interest in the property to a third party.
18. Some actions that may affect competition on the market are
violations, which means you don’t even have to prove their negative effect, the action itself is illegal.
19. Some types of businesses may qualify
a tax
20. Often charges are brought against companies for
, which may result in
of company executives.
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