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Russian for foreigners / Русский для иностранцев

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As an increasing number of international business and organizations are making their way into Russia many of their employees find it rewarding to be able to communicate with local colleagues and partners in their language and be aware of the linguistic perspective of doing business in Russia. That is why X-BRIDGE is offering courses of General and Business Russian as well as Russian for children.
Our teachers will prepare you effectively for passing exams for International Certificates in the Russian Language.Methodology
X-BRIDGE Language Center offers a course in the Russian language that is based on a communicative approach, allowing students to instantly practice the knowledge acquired in a natural situation. Together with through grammar and vocabulary explanations our teacher will try to make sure that you can use your skills effectively, activate your passive knowledge and benefit from your studies as quickly as possible.
We are offering Russian language courses at six levels according to the Common European Framework of Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE). There are general and business exams for international certificates available at the end of each level if you would like to prove and confirm your knowledge.
АLTE level X-BRIDGE ТРКИ /Test of Russian for Foreigners*
А 1 Basic ТЭУ
А 2 Elementary ТБУ
В 1 Intermediate ТРКИ-1
В 2 Post-Intermediate ТРКИ-2
С 1 Professional ТРКИ-3
С 2   ТРКИ-4
* Pushkin State Russian Language Institute
X-BRIDGE offers you a course with qualified and enthusiastic teachers of Russian with a special training in communicative methodology. They will make sure that learning the language will feel more like fun than like a nightmare, sharing with their love and understanding of the language as well as a lot of relevant language experience.Resources
X-BRIDGE Russian language course is based on a wide range of well-reputed as well as modern textbooks on General and Business Russian. Our teachers will supplement the books with their own materials and materials developed by the Pushkin Russian Language Institute.
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