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Business English Vocabulary Test

1) I work
ABC Inc.
2) I often go
business trips.
3) My
is an experienced professional.
4) The
rules at our office are quite strict.
5) In Customer Relations Department we have to respond to clients’
6) I always get my
at the end of the month.
7) She works in
and she has to
potential job candidates every day.
8) I’m
9) I decided to accept this job as they offer a lot of
, such as medical insurance for all the family and free lunch.
10) You can always return your
and get a
11) We are going to
a new product next month.
12) It’s my job to
technical problems.
13) In Russia it’s quite difficult to
constantly changing regulations.
14) Our rivals
a merger.
15) The image of the new product
people with an active lifestyle.
16) I enjoy
my clients.
17) We need to reduce
18) Our
are tight.
19) We develop
20) Our sales figures are
21) If we put money in a Russian bank we
of losing it.
22) Our experienced accountant specializes in
23) We have to
our product from our competitors’.
24) As we really didn’t
with my boss I had to
25) The hotel offers
to suit most demanding visitors.
26) We have
a takeover
for our main rival.
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