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Summer Course in England

Даже летом вы можете продолжать заниматься на курсах английского в Центре X-BRIDGE! А если вам хочется еще глубже окунуться в атмосферу настоящего английского языка и пройти интенсивный курс английского, мы предлагаем вам летние курсы в Великобритании!

Изучение английского языка в Англии - это мощный стимул и мотивация к овладению разговорными навыками, а новые друзья из разных стран помогут практиковать и письменную речь!

X-BRIDGE offers a Summer course of English, sport and excursions in England for kids aged 12 and over , at the ISCA School of English in Exeter. In addition to an intensive course of English grammar, vocabulary and development of all communication skills in small mixed-nationality classes, your children will stay with an English family, take part in a sports and activity programme – all the time in an English speaking environment. This “total immersion” is known as the best way to learn a foreign language, at the same time as having a great fun-packed holiday.

The School
The ISCA School of English was founded in 1966 in two Georgian buildings with their own large gardens in a quiet residential area close to Exeter city centre. The ISCA School is a member of ARELS (The Association of Registered English Language Schools) and is accredited by The British Council. This recognition is a guarantee of the quality of the School and its teachers.

The School has well-equipped classrooms , student recreation rooms with coffee bars, video rooms, and a Study Centre with a Language Laboratory and a multi-media Computer room with free internet access for surfing the web and sending emails.

 school   exmap

The Summer Course

You will have approximately 21 hours of lessons a week in mixed nationality classes. Each class has two teachers who provide a varied course of grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading and listening skills, as well as drama and video projects in English.

Students not only work hard, but play hard too! A range of sports and activities are available every week, with a choice of the following :

Swimming, softball, golf, table-tennis, volleyball, tennis, football, canoeing and ten-pin bowling. There are also barbecue evenings, cinema evenings and a weekly disco.

Moreover, there is a full day excursion every Saturday and a half-day excursion every two weeks either to the surrounding countryside, historic places like Stonehenge, Bath and Salisbury or the nearby coast. These excursions are a chance to see features of the British way of life, heritage and culture and some of the beautiful attractions of the county of Devon. Every month there is a sightseeing tour of London.

A typical weekly timetable :

Time   Monday Tuesday   Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday
Grammar / Functions
Speaking skills
Grammar / Functions
Speaking skills (pronunciation)
Grammar / Functions
Vocabulary work
Grammar / Functions
Speaking skills
Grammar / Functions
A test of the week"s work
 All day
excursion to the Concorde Exhibition, followed by swimming at Sidmouth

 Morning Break     
 11.30  Reading skills  Listening skills  Video project  Reading skills Communication skills
 12.30  Lunch Break     
 13.45 Listening skills
Role-play / Play
ProjectWork / Video / Drama SPORTS AFTERNOON OR EXCURSION ProjectWork / Video / Drama SPORTS AFTERNOON
 15.15  End of classes    
  At home with the host family  Disco or barbecue At home with the host family SPORTS
or barbecue
At home with the host family


Students stay in host families , which is a great way to get to know English family life , customs as well as an opportunity to use their English in natural everyday situations, which is of course one of the most important parts of their stay in England.

ISCA host families provide breakfast and evening meals , and a packed lunch from Monday to Friday. 


Exeter is the capital of the county of Devon,

and one of the oldest cities in Britain, with Roman and Norman architecture alongside modern leisure facilities.

Exeter is close to the sea (15km) and the beautiful countryside of Devonshire.  

X-BRIDGE will send a supervisor with your children. She will ensure your children arrive safely in Exeter and will always be available to assist if the need arises. 


What is included in the course price each week?

• 18 hours of tuition per week (18 x 60 minute lessons)
(maximum 12 students per class, average 10)
• a placement test on the first day of the course
• all course materials
• excursion on Tuesday afternoons
• choice of sports on Thursday afternoons
• 2 evening activities each week – sports, barbecue, disco, cinema
• an all-day excursion on Saturdays
• an excursion to London on 21.6.08; 12.7.08; 9.8.08: ( there is an additional charge of 30 pounds )
• all entry fees on excursions
• a certificate and report at the end of the course
• school identity card
• 24 hour emergency contact telephone number
• trained staff on-site for medical emergencies

The accommodation price includes:

• full-board accommodation (with packed lunch/barbecue from Monday to
• comfortable single room (or twin room if sharing with a friend)
• bus pass for free travel from the home to the city centre
(for all students living more then 1km from the school and centre)
• light laundry

Preparatory Course

X-BRIDGE also offers a preparation course in “Survival English” before your children go to England. This course teaches functional English to help the students cope in common day-to-day situations, such as ordering food, asking directions , buying tickets for transport or the cinema , and talking about the sport activities ( rules , equipment , organizing teams and games etc. ) , as well as practicing how to socialize in English with the new international friends you will make during your stay in England.

For more information, please call X-BRIDGE+7-925-545-80-81
2-week course, accommodation, meals etc
55,000 roubles (+ bank charges)
3-week course, accommodation, meals etc
75,000 roubles (+ bank charges) 
 Return flight Moscow – Heathrow
15,000 roubles approx
 Return flight Moscow – Heathrow
15,000 roubles approx
 Return coach Heathrow – Exeter
£ 40 (2000 roubles approx)
 Return coach Heathrow – Exeter
£ 40 (2000 roubles approx)
 UK visa
10000 roubles
 UK visa
10000 roubles
 London trip (optional)
£ 30 (1500 roubles approx)
 + Spending money
£ 60 - £80 per week (recommended)
 + Spending money
£ 60 - £80 per week (recommended) 


Более подробную информацию вы сможете получить по тел: +7 (925) 545 80 81 или e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.">Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра."

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