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What do we do?

We are busy from 9.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday. Our morning starts creatively with DESIGN TIME where we make objects of art from a variety of unusual materials. Then we make our super breakfast OURSELVES and it comes from the country of the week. During the day we research the life of a famous person and the country they lived in and present our findings as an acting, video or art project to the world. We spend a lot of time outside – playing games, doing quests and making friends.
  • from 9.00am till 6.00pm with native speaker
  • 3 design projects every week
  • 3 engineering problems every week


Why choose us?

Get to know outstanding people who changed the world for the better. Our teachers – native speakers – introduce your child to famous scientists, artists and thinkers.
We explore a different country every week – its cuisine, music, art, costumes and culture. This is the country that the famous person is related to, the country that shaped their mind and art.
contemporary dance
Every week we practice a skill – logic, engineering, theatre direction, ballet or modern dance, chess, art or football. All of the talents offered by MAGIC CASTLE Talent Academy.
quest in park
We spend half of our day outside – sports, games and quests in a park! Join us for a wonderful summer in Moscow getting to know the people who changed the world, exploring their country and improving our own skills!

Our teachers

Robert Hartley
Claudia Manning
Mickky Mehton
Myvanwy Birds
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About us

Many thanks to all teachers and educators for the wonderful time and emotions that you gave our children! Bravo!!!
Елисей, 8 лет, Mum Natalia
Кирилл поехал на курсы в Англию и написал входящий тест. Уровень А2-В1! Почти у всех А1. Однозначно, что такой результат во многом благодаря Magic Castle!))
Кирилл 10 лет, Мама Ирина
Спасибо большое за прекрасно организованный летний лагерь для школьников! Было увлекательно, познавательно и разнообразно! Отдельное спасибо Мистеру Брайану за энтузиазм и внимание к детям. Дочь долго вспоминала мастер классы по приготовлению завтраков (особенно бразильское барбекю), праздники по пятницам и веселые прогулки в Эрмитаже. Очень надеемся на повторение следующим летом! Лагерь вышел очень хорошим. Спасибо большое!
Olga D, 9yo, Mum Elena
Хотела бы выразить благодарность за организацию досуга и обучения детей в вашем лагере. Ване очень понравилось, у него накопилось много ярких впечатлений, о которых он не устает рассказывать )). Сын сильно изменился за эту неделю, стал увереннее в себе и жизнерадостнее. Спасибо преподавателям за их работу!
Ivan, 9yo Mum Anastasia

Our camp

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We make our own breakfast

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04 - 08 June
Space. People. Electricity.

Nikola Tesla – Croatia

Conduct amazing science experiments with electricity, special as well as household chemicals and learn more about how the world functions! A history of inventions quest will take you on a journey of discovery.

11 - 15 June
Beauty is me

Coco Chanel – France

In our fashion design master classes – make your our accessories from leather, wool and fabric. Challenge the world with your fashion design talent! Avant-guard or baroque – we will learn to appreciate small details in design. Try yourself as a photographer or a fashion critic. Find your style or create one! We will provide all the opportunities!

18 - 22 June
Meet the Future

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates – USA

Become an IT entrepreneur and change the world. Write a business plan and set up your own business. Enjoy our LEGO Robolab and Coding master classes to help you develop your digital business.

25 - 29 June
Inspired by the Wind

Hayao Miyazaki – Japan

Drawing and cartoon making master classes inspired by Japanese art of making bento, origami and a rock garden. Animate your own dragon, design and participate in a Japanese culture quest!

02 - 06 July
Philosophy of Martial Arts

Bruce Lee – China

Martial arts are fun and fitness for all. Take part in our karate master classes, learn some Chinese calligraphy on rice paper. Daily tea ceremonies will create a unique atmosphere of China right here.

09 - 13 July
Laugh it!

Jim Carrey – Canada

Role play and comedy – laughter makes us happier every day! A mask making and a costume making master class, puppet making and a puppet show. Create your own theatre and cinema and be brave enough to be different!

16 - 20 July
A School of Magic

Joanne Rowling – Great Britain

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry welcomes you to our first summer season. Take part in potion making and magic wand making masterclasses. Create your own coat of arms, learn to manage your strengths and weaknesses and do real magic!

23 - 27 July
Peace of Body & Mind

Mother Teresa – India

First aid and healthy lifestyle – let’s practice! Art from medical supplies – why not? Creative and fun! Discover spices and bright Indian celebrations! Meditate and build up your agility the Indian way.

30 July - 03 August
Travel the World

James Cook – Australia

Have another look at the map and decide where you would like to travel. Create your own country that no one has yet discovered. Create a wonder of the world and design a tour for tourists. Learn geography and history in our Discovery quest. Take photos of flora and fauna and participate in our Discovery exhibition!

06 - 10 August
Inventing the Future

Sergey Korolyov – Russia

Robolab masterclasses, kinetic sand and magnetic liquids – let’s create the future with our talents. Build your own rocket and launch it! Let your imagination rule! Space quest will take us around stars and planets and help address issues of the future.

13 - 17 August
Persian Wisdom and Poetry

Omar Khayyam – Iran

Create your poetry and live in the beautiful East for one week. Make your own magic lamp in out pottery master class and decorate it with eastern ornaments. Discover the beauty of the desert and its wonders.

20 - 24 August
Disney’s World

Walt Disney – USA

Make your own soft toys and act out a story. Role play, costume and wig making, face paint and drawing – let’s make a cartoon character and play with it together!

27 - 31 August
Chemistry all around

Dmitri Mendeleev – Russia

We are all part of a world full of wonders of chemistry. Discover unusual qualities of everyday things with our Magic Science experiments, learn what vitamins can do to our body and what an apple and an orange have in common.

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