English for schoolchildren

English club for school children 7-16 years old Cool Club is an English club for schoolchildren and teenagers where your child will not just learn but SPEAK the language! Fun activities, games, theater, cooking and a snack together with vocabulary and grammar practice.
Cool Club is an effective international English exams preparation for KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL and IELTS
Cool Club is creative classes to use your best potential – songs and stories, theater and role play – the way to have fun in English!
Cool Club is classes at a convenient time in the afternoon or at weekend
Cool Club is a chance for your child to speak English and develop their talents!
MAGIC CASTLE offers language clubs for a variety of languages – please check our pages for these language clubs to see the groups that are available.


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Enroll into our English club for school children and get  
Сooking School, Choreography, Art School, or Science free for 1 month!

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English classes for school children timetable


Cool Club 7-16 year olds

levels days time fee for 12 weeks
COOL CUBS/ Beginners Mon, Wed 17.30-19.00 42,000
COOL CATS/ Starters Sat 11.00-13.30 36,000
WISE OWLS/ Flyers Tue, Thu 16.00-17.30 42,000
MIGHTY EAGLES /KET  Wed 16.00-17.30 42,000
Fr 17.00-18.30
GREAT EXPERTS/ САЕ Mon, Fr  18.30-20.00 42,000


Cool Club 7-16 years old

levels days time fee for 12 weeks
COOL CUBS/ Beginners Mon, Wed 16.30-18.00 42,000
Sat 10.00-12.30 36,000
Cambridge and YLE exam preparation
COOL CATS/ Starters Tue, Thu 16.30-18.00 42,000
Sat 10.00-12.30 36,000
SWIFT JAGUARS/ Movers Tue, Thu 15.00-16.30 42,000
Sat 10.00-12.30 36,000
WISE OWLS/ Flyers Sat 10.00-12.30 36,000
MIGHTY EAGLES/ KET Sat 10.00-12.30 36,000
AMAZING SUPERHEROES/ PET Mon, Wed 15.00-16.30 42,000
GREAT EXPERTS/ FCE Sat 10.00-12.30 36,000


 Cool Club 7-16 year olds

levels days time fee for 12 weeks
COOL CATS/ Starters Tue, Thu 15.00-16.30 42,000
SWIFT JAGUARS/ Movers Mon, Wed 14.30-16.00 42,000

For more information and to enroll please contact us on +7 926 530 8949 or by email on info@xbridge.ru

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